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Cotton Bath Glove / Body Mitt

Jul 8, 2015   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  No Comments

100% cotton bath mitts are made and imported in Turkey. The lightweight cotton is extremely absorbent while soft on skin. Great textured mitt for dry or wet exfoliating. It removes dead skin existing or occuring on the body, makes cleaning in depth. It is completely natural. Machine washable. See More

bath glove, bath mitts, body mitts

Peshtemal Towels Everyday

Jun 30, 2015   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Dream Peshtemal towel is well designed 100% natural without polyester. So this Peshtemal soft and eco friendly. Also are very absorbent and dry very quickly. They are alternative to traditional terry cloth towels. Easy to carry. Takes up less space in your bag or on your shelf. You can use every where such as hammam, travel, spa, pool, gym, yoga, massage, sports, beach, bath etc. Also they are hand-woven towels. Made from %100 turkish cotton, available different colors and approx. dimensions; 95×175 cm For Detail

cotton peshtemal towels

Traditional Hammam Bowls

Apr 21, 2015   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Traditional Hammam Bowls

turkish hammam bowls

Hammam bowls are traditional products used in hammam. The hammered patterns are authentic. In one sense, it is a sense of artistic bath with stylised floral patterns. Traditionally used in Ottoman baths, hammam bowls add a uniqe style as a decorative accent. A hammam bowl made from copper, brass and aluminium.

Merzifon Peshtemals

Jan 7, 2015   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  No Comments

peshtemal, pestemals

Merzifon Peshtemal Towels

Special Winter Peshtemal Collection

Oct 31, 2014   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Perfect, lightweight choice for travelling camping and backpacking. Easy to carry. Very practical for baby care. Use it after giving your baby a bath or while changing diapers or as a baby wrap. Take it to gym, yoga class, pool beach or use on your boat.

Lommy Peshtemal Towels
loomy peshtemal (4) ruby peshtemal (4)

Rumi Peshtemal Towel Series
cotton beach towels

Folk Peshtemal Towel
folk peshtemal (3)

Crown Peshtemal Towel SERIES
luxury cotton towels, qualiyt bath towels

Mermaid Peshtemal Towel
fouta towels

New Peshtemal Models

Jul 9, 2014   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on New Peshtemal Models

Peshtemal made by Anatolian Women and it can be use everwhere such as beach, hammam, spas, sports, picnics etc.

towels for beach

beach towels for men and women

peshtemals linen, peshtemals cotton

pestemal towels, peshtemal towels

Peshtemal Towels for This Summer

Apr 9, 2014   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Peshtemal Towels for This Summer

For this summer new style peshtemal towels (turkish towels); Olympus Peshtemal towels made from cotton and linen

new style towels, cotton towels

beach wraps, beach towels

decorative towels, peshtemals

pestemal towels, fanatic towels

Red Datca Model Coming

Apr 7, 2014   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Red Datca Model Coming

Now red datca, new style;

datca peshtemals (3)

datca peshtemals (5)

Our New Natural Kese Gloves

Jan 2, 2014   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  No Comments

natural kese

Turkish Bath (Hammam) Exfoliator Kese Glove/Bath Mitt used for the removal of dead skin, peeling and for the invigorating sensation that only this type of defoliation technique can bring.

Another important kese type is goat hair kese. Goat hair is the traditional and original material from which exfoliating gloves were made across Anatolia.

Our all kese gloves and goat hair gloves are natural

Regular use of this product:

  • Removes dead skin cells and increase the lather of your body wash with exfoliating mitts
  • Promotes healthy skin and activates blood circulation and makes the skin smooth
  • It prevents like formations pimple, cellulite with massage.
  • Gives rest to your body and makes you energetic



Jan 2, 2014   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  No Comments

pestemal towels wholesale

As Hamam Tamam we supply best quality peshtemal towels. Peshtamal absorbs water as fast as a towel, dries very quickly, takes up less space and easy to carry and is therefore used as an alternative to the towel in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, sport facilities and for baby care.

Now, we add very speical peshtemal types to our collection. The new items Midnight Peshtemal, Voyage Peshtemal and Navy Peshtemal. Please visit and see our new peshtemal towels series and other items.

Turkish Copper Products

Dec 11, 2013   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  No Comments

turkish copper products

by iconisus

Benefits of Kese( Turkish Bath Glove)

Sep 25, 2013   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  No Comments

A study conducted in Japan demonstrated that one of the benefits of regular kese massage is a regular blood circulation as shown is diagrams. Regular blood circulation helps body to adapt external weather conditions more quickly.

benefits of kese-bath glove

The first picture taken on X-ray structure of the body and the blood circulation with minimum without scrub massage after receiving intermittent use regularly for some parts of the body becomes the change and finally on a regular basis use is shown in the last picture.

The main benefits of kese(bath glove) are as follows;

Peeling will make you relax, you will feel lighter. Turkish bath cloth will not only help to prevent dermatological diseases but also will assist you in getting rid of the acnes by accelerating the blood circulation and renewing your skin. Peeling which will result in exfoliation and purfication will open up your pores and let your skin to breathe. Turkish bath cloth cleans and refreshes your skin and also makes you healthier through its contribution to your immune system against diseases.

Yeditepe University Plastic Surgery Department Chair a Proffessor Ahmet Karasular recommends women to use Turkish type of bath glove.

Take action for a cellulite free summer. Proffessor Neslihan Sendir provides the following formula: “In addition to drinking lots of water and taking long walks peeling in the morning and at night in the cold shower will make your skin shining. In accordence with the opinions of the medical doctors, dermatologists, surgeons we recommed you Kese for a smooth, healhy and a cellulite free skin.


What is Kese- Bath Glove

Jul 31, 2013   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  No Comments

benefits of turkish baht glove


It is made of floss, coming from poplar trees* 100% naturall, and it has been used in Turkish baths(hammams) since the beginning of the 14th century, especially in the harem (women’s room) of the sultan. Kese removes dead skin cells from the body, clears up the skin smoothly, opens the pores and favourites blood circulation. It will provide a burned skin in the sunlight as well as in the solarium, and prevents the dark points on the skin.

What is Peshtemal Towel

Jul 31, 2013   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  No Comments

efes series (2)

Peshtemal towel is an eco-friendly natural handmade towel. Due to the features of quick drying, easy to carry and being very durable to sun it is becoming very popular all around the world. Peshtemal towels has no polyester. They are made of pure cotton, pure linen or pure bamboo fibers . They are commonly use in sauna-massage saloons, pools, beaches and home baths. Also Peshtemal towels are multipurpose thin towel. It can be used for whatever you need, whenever you need them.

  • Well designed 100% natural without polyester
  • Absorbent as much as towels
  • Takes up less space in your bag or on your shelf
  • Durable to frequent washing and dries easily
  • Eco-friendly as it consumes less water and detergent in washing
  • Perfect, lightweight choice for travelling camping and backpacking. Easy to carry
  • Very practical for baby care. Use it after giving your baby a bath or while changing diapers or as a baby wrap
  • Take it to gym, yoga class, pool beach or use on your boat
  • It will be a perfect gift for your loved ones
  • It can be utilized in many businesses; hotels, leisure centres, SPAs, pools, GYM, sport and massage facilities
  • Peshtemals will make excellent accessories for your home, use it as a throw, a table cloth or picnic blanket
  • The peshtemal is a practical alternative to the towel at home in your bathroom

Pure Olive Oil Soap

May 8, 2012   //   by admin   //   Blog, Olive Oil Soaps  //  No Comments

olive oil soap
Olive Oil is a completely natural product with vitamins E,Dand K. You can safely use it to wash body, face and hair. It nourishes the skin, strengthens the hair and increases resistance to skin diseases.

Long lasting and made from the purest natural ingredients, it is a superb moisturizer suitable for all skin types. It’s simple and pure.

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